A company with a passion
for a greater purpose.

Our purpose is to create a workplace that lives by our core values, with a passion for a greater purpose; to seek ways to help those who encounter our Christian-led company be all God has created them to be.

To become known by 2020 as the team of people that made marketing work for sales.

We are a team of people who have decided coming to work should matter; that coming to work should impact those around them. When you have a team of people who care just as much about other’s goals, dreams and bottom line as they do about their own, you have a team that will impact their clients like no other company out there.

We’ve got history.

April Williams was tired of feeling like an ant marching one-by-one in the world of corporate America. She believed she was destined for something better, so she took a right turn to pursue her dream of starting her own creative marketing agency, North Star.

Over the years, North Star’s focus evolved so that all they did drove sales. Here’s a quick look at North Star’s past, and stay tuned for more exciting news in the future!