Here’s the hard reality.
You hire great sales people and before you know it, they’re getting bogged down by internal meetings, conference calls, training, reporting and minutia. They’re stretched so thin that they don’t have time to focus on maintaining and nurturing their leads through the sales pipeline.

We can solve this problem for your sales team.

of sales rep's time is spent on revenue generating activities.*

Who owns the gap between marketing and sales?

  • Marketing clearly owns top of funnel
  • Sales clearly owns closing
  • No one is charged with running the middle of the funnel

SalesAmp combines digital marketing tactics with inside sales to close the gap.

Our 7-step solution for marketing and sales to generate more leads.

Successful lead generation campaigns start with good data. We clean and scrub your reps’ existing lead lists, or help you build new ones based on your criteria. We maintain, update and develop your lists to ensure the most accurate data is leveraged in each rep’s campaign.
We work closely with your sales team to identify their prospect’s pain points, and then create thought leadership content tailored to them. This includes blogs, article commentaries, infographics, instructional video, brochures, and other sales collateral… you name it, we’ve made it.
Whether it’s landing pages, emails, social posts, high-impact direct mail, or our World’s Smallest Newsletter, the right mix of digital marketing tactics can make all the difference in peeking the interest of your leads. We work with you to determine which marketing tactics will be most effective to distribute thought leadership and nurture each reps’ leads through the sales pipeline, starting at the top of the funnel.
We are constantly watching which leads are engaging, and with what content, giving the North Star inside sales team—positioned as educational ambassadors—the insight they need to make meaningful connections with your sales reps’ leads.
Armed with engagement insights from the marketing tactics, our inside sales team connects with your leads through cycles of personalized emails, calls and voicemails to assess their level of interest, share additional content and collateral if necessary, and determine when they are qualified to hand off to the sales rep.
When a lead is deemed qualified (requests a meeting, is engaging with lots of content, or multiple employees at one company show interest), the hand off to sales is initiated. Our lead nurturing and appointment-setting allows your reps to stay focused on closing deals, while we handle moving leads through the sales pipeline.
Finally, your sales reps report back as to how the leads we handed off are progressing, allowing us to update the sales pipeline and add stalled leads back into the nurture campaign.

With North Star filling the sales pipeline, your reps can finally focus on what they do best – closing more deals.

The 7 steps of the SalesAmp wheel work together to fill each sales rep’s pipeline, nurture their leads and drive appointments. We call it “always on” prospecting. Whether you’re struggling with list development, content creation, digital marketing tactics or everything in between, SalesAmp can be customized to fit the needs of your team.


Helping Sales
Sell More.


"We have not been able to figure this process out — I think you are on to something."

Vice President, Field Marketing
Enterprise Software Company


"We do some of these things well today and have attempted all these things at one time — but have never thought to have one company quarterback it all. SalesAmp makes so much sense."

Director of Marketing & Communication
Insurance Agency


"Our internal marketing team is too busy to give us this kind of support. We have needed SalesAmp for years."

Vice President, Sales
Healthcare Technology Company


"SalesAmp has allowed me, for the first time in my career, to be viewed as a thought leader when I attend trade shows."

Sales Executive
Healthcare Technology Company


"I had tried to convince my company for years to do many of these steps. SalesAmp made the decision easy for us all."

Director, Marketing
Employee Benefits Company


"SalesAmp focuses on who is engaging with content and then reaches out and sends more information or sets an appointment. It has been invaluable for me and my team."

Vice President, Sales
Employee Benefits Company


"We need SalesAmp for every segment of our company."

Director, Sales
Engineering Firm


*2017 Time Management for Sales Study by