The Opportunity

Direct Marketing / Demand Generation

SoundBite Communications, a mobile marketing solutions provider, needed a way to start conversations with very busy C-level decision makers responsible for loyalty programs at major retail chains. The average American household belongs to 18 loyalty programs yet are only active in 8. Clearly loyalty programs were having a loyalty problem. Loyalty marketers know that engagement is the key to keeping customers loyal but they didn’t connect mobile as part of their engagement strategy.

The Solution

First we had to break through the clutter, get by a gate keeper and get noticed by these CMOs. To do this we developed a 3-dimensional mailer that was smart, unexpected, had a bit of humor, while saying to CMOs “SoundBite gets me”. We sent magic kits to 100 retail CMOs in custom designed boxes. The outside of the box said: “If it were only this easy to make your customers appear more frequently in your store.” The inside payoff read: “Attract more of your customers without the use of a magic wand.” We needed these CMOs to engage with SoundBite, so the call to action was to attend a one-on-one educational web briefing that uncovered best practices to make customers loyal. The CMOs were craving knowledge and SoundBite gave it to them.

High Impact Mailer

Print Brochure

The Results

  • 100 big box retailers with loyalty programs learned about SoundBite
  • Of 100 mailers sent, 30% responded and scheduled first meetings
  • Opened doors at first tier accounts that were unresponsive in the past like Staples, Williams Sonoma, Panera Bread, Radio Shack, Savers and many others
  • Aligned marketing and sales

"To date, North Star’s demand gen process has enabled SoundBite to open doors at 30 of our top target accounts. The North Star team worked closely with our marketing and sales team throughout the process and their exceptional attention to detail combined with expert recommendations and flawless execution has made their innovative approach to demand generation valuable to our company. North Star promised a 30% response rate and delivered!"

Mark Friedman, CMOSoundbite