The Power of Prayer

By March 28, 2014Faith@Work

So how often have we gone to work and subtly been thinking, “How can we use God today for my agenda?”  I challenge us to shift our thinking. Instead, let’s ask God what He is up to and how HE can use US today. One of the best ways we can bring God to work with us every day is to bring in the power of prayer and seek what He is doing around us. I have never met anyone that didn’t appreciate prayers for themselves or a loved one going through trying times.  It offers those of us who are believers in our workplaces a chance to show we care about that person and what is on their heart. All we have to do is make coworkers aware that we will pray for them and they will ask, trust me.  I am amazed that I still hear from previous employees asking me to pray for them or their family members…I don’t always hear from them often but they turn to me in these tough times.  It is always a great day when I am asked into someone’s life in that way.

As I have strengthened my commitment to pray at work, I claim these two verses over and over again:

Matthew 21:22 And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.

Mark 11:24 Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

I believe if we have a relationship with God and pray with the faith “of a mustard seed,” He joyfully answers our prayers. 

So here are a couple of steps to make praying for your coworkers part of your workplace ministry:

1.Listen to people:  In order to pray for people you have to know what is happening in their lives.

2.Care about people:  You need to allow yourself the time to feel for the tough times your coworkers are going through, show empathy and talk to them.

3.Stay connected to people: You should ask them to keep you abreast of what is happening regarding what you are praying about so that you can be compassionate in trying times and rejoice when God answers prayer.

4.Be committed to praying for people: You need to faithfully pray for what they asked you to pray about, as you may be the only one praying for their situation [and you told them you would].

5.Have faith at least the size of a mustard seed: You need to pray with the expectation that God will answer.

6.Be grateful: When God answers our prayers, we need to recognize the blessing and praise Him for his faithfulness to us.

7.Share with people: Lastly, we need to come full- circle and celebrate [out loud] when the Lord answers our prayers.

Last year we added a Prayer section and a God Sighting section to our Coffee Huddle board  where we check in each morning with the entire team before we start our day.  We check in with the team and see if they or their friends and family need prayer. We then discuss our clients and vendors and write the names of those that are in need of prayer. I commit to praying several times throughout the week for those people on our prayer board and when God answers these prayers we move them to God Sightings section. It is truly a blessing to see how often God answers prayers, to see your whole company asking for prayer, and celebrating God Sightings. 

April Williams also blogs for the Center for Faith at Work, a group dedicated to inspiring, equipping and supporting people of faith so they are able to impact their workplaces for God’s Kingdom. Read more about the Center for Faith at Work here.