Minding The Gap Matters When It Comes To Driving Revenue

When it comes to marketing and sales, two things have always been clear. Marketing owns making someone aware of your company and sparking their interest. Sales owns closing the deal. But who owns what happens between sparking some interest and closing the deal has always been a big black hole. Recently, I read an article by Marketo that showed how the sales funnel needs to be restructured and renamed the Revenue Cycle.

driving revenue for marketing and sales as seen by Marketo

The key takeaway is that marketing and sales need to partner together in this funnel to drive more sales and revenue. And the big “ah ha” for many will be that, ultimately, marketing owns right down to evaluation – leaving sales to stay focused on closing the deal.

That is why we developed our SalesAmp process. We are on a mission to redefine marketing and make it work for sales.


Reach out to me to set a meeting with myself and our CRO, Ted Williams, if you want to see how SalesAmp could work for your company.