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Does It Seem Like NOW Is NEVER the Right Time for Your Prospects?

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You’ve been nurturing a prospect for months and have built a great relationship by learning about their company, listening to their pain points and offering solutions that fit their needs. Then you hear the dreaded, “Now’s not the right time.” This is a common form of rejection heard by sales reps, like me, in all industries. What we can’t do, but often tend to, is allow ourselves to write those prospects off as dead leads….

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What sales wished marketing knew

What Sales Wished Marketing Knew

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They say that sales is a sprint and marketing is a marathon. Great analogy. Sales is focused on short-term results. Marketing is focused on long-term value. Granted, we run different races. But we’re both specialties in the same sport. So why doesn’t it feel like we’re on the same team? I want marketing to know that we wear the same shoes. I work with the sales departments of many large organizations, so I see firsthand…

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