The Opportunity

Atrion Networking (which has since been acquired by Carousel Industries) is an IT services firm helping technology and business leaders bring more confidence and clarity to their IT infrastructure through integrated solutions. In 2016, the VP of Sales came to North Star looking for a way to sell wider and deeper into existing accounts.

The target audience included IT leaders; C-suite technology folks responsible for sourcing the smartest technology solutions. The challenge with this group is that they are constantly bombarded with IT companies claiming to have the best solutions for them. We needed a way to cut through the clutter and deliver the message that Atrion was already a trusted partner for these targeted companies, and that they could provide the same success with this new division, within their clients’ business.

The Solution

Because these IT leaders were inundated by solicitations, we needed a way to get through the noise and get the Atrion team an appointment with these very busy decision makers. We worked with Atrion’s VP of Sales to uncover the key pain point of this target audience and develop a high-impact mailer with messaging designed to capture their attention. The gift and messaging we developed directly addressed the frustrations that the target was experiencing—constant solicitation by one-size-fits all offers from IT companies that did not bother to listen to the challenges they were facing inside their company.

Atrion’s way of working with their clients was contrary to the cookie cutter approach and that’s what we focused on conveying. Atrion approaches all their client relationships by first seeking to listen and understand their needs. They see themselves as a partner, not a vendor.

We developed a custom high-impact mailer that positioned Atrion as the partner that took the time to listen. The outside headline read, “We don’t want to talk,” with the inside payoff stating, “We’d rather listen,” accompanied by a high-end Bose speaker system.

The Results

The gift, packaging and approach yielded the results the VP of Sales was hoping for:

  • Increased brand recognition and sparked conversations
  • 96% meeting conversion rate
  • Atrion did business with 58% of the companies they met with

Quotes From The Recipients

I can't believe that I am calling you, but the concept is so creative I was compelled to meet with you to find out more about your company to see if there is a fit.

I don't feel obligated to meet with you because of the gift; I feel obligated because the concept is so smart that you must be worth my time for the meeting.

I get about 50 unsolicited sales calls/emails a week and don't return/respond to 95% of them. So the Bose at least has gotten you the opportunity to talk with me.