The Opportunity

The head of sales at a leading healthcare technology company had a challenge. His passionate and experienced sales team was spending more and more time working with clients they signed on, rather than prospecting for new business. He knew his team was spending over 60 percent of their time on non-selling activities, which was not going to help them hit their aggressive quotas.

The Solution

North Star utilized our SalesAmp process for five of their key sales reps. Our process allowed these sales reps to have an “always on” prospecting engine running for them while they were pulled into other activities that were taking them away from prospecting and driving sales.

The Results

The sales team had a prospecting engine running on their behalf 24/7. SalesAmp was bringing new leads into the top of the funnel and moving them through the pipeline until they were ready to speak with one of the sales reps.

Just over 350 engagers with the campaign

35 appointments set

Deals closed or in contract – 5X ROI for campaign

From The Client

One of the sales reps told us that when she attended the big annual trade show for their industry, people approached her to discuss what she had been sending to them and posting on LinkedIn. She said it was the first time in her career she truly felt like a thought leader.

The head of sales said it was the first time he felt marketing was working with him, not against him. It was the partnership he had been seeking for years.

Another sales rep shared how SalesAmp helped him beat out his competitors. When he was presenting their solutions at a bid defense, the prospect’s senior leadership told him they were impressed with the thought leadership that they were receiving from him. He was convinced SalesAmp was what allowed him to win that contract.