People Say Direct Mail Is Dead. That’s Only the People Who Aren’t Doing It Right.

By April 5, 2018Sales Tips

Here are the top 5 reasons why a high-impact mailer works:


1. Cuts through the noise of today

The average person receives over 10,000 marketing messages per day! This one can sit right on their desk.

2. Wins over the gatekeeper

You’ve probably read hundreds of articles on how to get through the person that screens calls and opens the mail of their boss – your target audience. I have always thought the gatekeepers are the ultimate marketing and sales test. If marketing and sales can’t make it past them – it’s probably not very good. High-impact mailers get walked into the corner office with a “you have to see this.”

3. People feel like you “get them”

Its not just any high-impact mailer that works, but a high-impact mailer that shows your prospect that you get what their life is like and you want to help solve their pain points. It positions you as a partner not a vendor.

4. They have a viralness to them

When you make people laugh and connect with them through a pain point, they want to share that experience with their co-workers. Since the average B2B complex sale involves 6-8 decision makers – a high-impact mailer allows you to be visible to many when they feel compelled to share your mailer and how it made them feel.

5. Set up calls for success

Calling on the heels of a high-impact mailer is fun and effective. Even when people love the high-impact mailer, the majority will not take it upon themselves to follow-up. It can take over 8 follow-up touch points to reach the recipient and get an appointment set. When we connect with the recipients on the phone, they love talking about the mailer and have said things to us like:

  • “I can’t believe that I am calling you, but the concept is so creative I was compelled to meet with you to find out more about your company to see if there is a fit.”
  • “I don’t feel obligated to meet with you because of the gift; I feel obligated because the concept is so smart that you must be worth my time for the meeting.”
  • “I get about 50 unsolicited sales calls/emails a week and don’t return/respond to 95% of them. So this gift idea at least has gotten you the opportunity to talk with me.”
When done right, you can set appointments with 65% of your target list.


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